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A Case of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis in Turner Syndrome
A Rum Han, Young Ki Lee, Hyun Yon Jung, Jae Hyun Park, Jung-Woo Noh, Eun Suk Nam
Kosin Med J. 2015;30(1):69-72.   Published online January 20, 2015
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Turner syndrome is usually accompanied with various anomalies. Congenital urological and renal abnormalities are often associated with this syndrome. The occurrence of glomerulonephritis is uncommon. An 18-year-old woman showed fatigue and profound proteinuria. She had been diagnosed with Turner syndrome in her age of 15. The kidney biopsy specimen examined by light microscopy, immunofluorescence and electron microscopic examination revealed focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. This is the first case report of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in turner syndrome in South Korea.


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  • Renal Problems in Early Adult Patients with Turner Syndrome
    Dong Uk Yu, Jae Kyun Ku, Woo Yeong Chung
    Childhood Kidney Diseases.2015; 19(2): 154.     CrossRef
A Tubercus Sclerosis Case Accompanied by Cystic Angiomyolipoma and Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosed during Treatment for Acute Cerebral Infarction
Heejun Kim, Inho Moh, Da-Hye Jung, Young-Ki Lee, Ji-Young Woo, Yul Lee, Jung-Woo Noh
Kosin Med J. 2013;28(2):177-182.   Published online January 19, 2013
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Symptoms of tuberous scelrosis (TS) are mainly related with brain and kidneys. Seizure, mental retardation, other behavioral problems are dominant. A spectrum of renal tumors from benign angiomyolipoma (AML) to polycystic kidney disease, and rarely malignant renal cell carcinoma have been observed. Cystic AML is a rare phenotype of AML. No case of TS with renal cystic AML has been reported in Korea yet. And chronic kidney disease (CKD) in TS has been seldom reported. We experienced a TS case accompanied by renal cystic AML and CKD diagnosed in a 48-year-old female patient who was hospitalized for left side weakness and seizure under the diagnosis of acute cerebral infarction.

Giant Right Atrial Thrombus associated with Tunneled Cuffed Hemodialysis Catheter: A Case of Successful Treatment with Thrombolytic Agent and Anticoagulant
Young Jin Song, Young-Ki Lee, Sun Ryoung Choi, Ji-Hyun Kim, Sun Woo Kim, Jung-Woo Noh
Kosin Med J. 2013;28(1):61-65.   Published online January 19, 2013
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There are a variety of tunneled cuffed hemodialysis catheter-related complications including infection, thrombus formation, and catheter dysfunction. Catheter-related thrombus in right atrium is a rare complication and treatment guideline for atrial thrombus does not exist. A 3.0×2.8 cm sized giant atrial thrombus was found in a 35-year-old female hemodialysis patient. She was treated with catheter removal, thrombolysis and anticoagulation therapy. Size of atrial thrombus was gradually decreased and left ventricular systolic function was clearly improved after treatment. We experienced and reported a case of giant right atrial thrombus associated with tunneled cuffed hemodialysis catheter that was successful treated with thrombolytic agent and anticoagulant.

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