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Eun Hee Sim 2 Articles
A Case of Seizure and Metabolic Acidosis Due to Renal Adjustment Dosage of Isoniazid in an Elderly Woman
Young Shin Shin, Eun Hee Sim, Chang Woo Yeo, Jin Doo Kang, Ji Yeon Kim, Seon Ja Park
Kosin Med J. 2014;29(1):63-68.   Published online December 17, 2014
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Isoniazid is one of the most commonly used antituberculosis drug. Acute into xication is characterized by repetitious convulsions, high anion gap metabolic a cidosis and coma. The basis of theraphy consists of parental pyridoxine admi nistration in a dose equivalent to that of isoniazid ingested. Here we present a case of seizure and metabolic acidosis due to only renal adjustment dosage of Isoniazid in an elderly woman.

A Case of Glomerulonephritis Associated with Klinefelter' Syndrome
Jin Hyuk Cho, Yeoung Sin Sin, Eun Hee Sim, Min Gyu Park, Dong Heo, Hak Rim
Kosin Med J. 2012;27(2):177-180.   Published online December 27, 2012
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Klinefelter' syndrome is a disorder of sexual differentiation in males, characterized by the presence of two or more X-chromosomes, hypogonadism, and lack of secondary sexual characteristics. The association between Klinefelter' syndrome and glomerulonephritis has been reported, while cases of glomerulonephritis associated with Klinefelter' syndrome are rare. We report the Korean case: a 31-year-old man with Klinefelter' syndrome who developed glomerulonephritis. The patient's urine analysis shows microscopic hematuria and the result of kidney biopsy was minimal change disease. The onset and course of his disease might have been influenced by the sex hormone imbalance.

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